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Wellington 2011 New Zealand "The Sex Priest and Priestess of ancient times, from the Egyptian order of the Isis linage who engaged in sacred sex were signified by wearing a snake amulet.

During intercourse they would ‘hold’ the orgasm, preventing the release of the seed and instead allow the ecstasy of the energetic bliss from within thrust upward.

This elevated the internal rise of energy or ‘weaving’ the threads of life and love crossing one another – better known as the Kundalini or the serpent.

By way of the Kundalini or the serpent, alchemical fires of transmutation grounds them entirely which allows for the spirit to live more fully in the body. Up until that point, the fires of transmutation lay dormant at the base of the spine yearning for this time of cosmic union.

This radiant power ignites each individual chakra (wheels of light) until it reaches the pituitary or pineal gland in the middle of the brain where it shoots out a spark of light, creating a halo over the head.

This indicates illumination of the brain, awakening of the higher mind and connection with the

God and Goddess.

This is why Jesus was painted with a halo signifying illumination and why Mary Magdalena was anointed by the church as a whore.

Yet what relevance and implications does it have for us today? This is the essence of Sexual Magic.

“Sex is the seed, love is the flower, and compassion is the fragrance.”- OSHO"

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Wellington New Zealand

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