• Dan Izvernariu

"V" from Victory of Love

One day we can lose everything and nothing will be the same . Counting I count every second And I'm standing I stand… I lost all, what I have , all... except LOVE & WILL to survive till the end of the day "V" from Victory of Love. Post Apocalyptic poster theme by danIzvernariu . Madrid 2018 Jun 13 "Waiting /For a change in the weather /I'm waiting for a shift in the air/ Could we get it together, ever /Hoping for your return, hoping for your sweet, sweet /Return /Hello Is this heaven calling /Hello, hello, is somebody there, she must be somewhere /And then she says hello, hello, hello /She's really an angel /She stands in the sunshine /She's closing her eyes, she starting to dream /She's pulling the strings /She's dreaming a strange dream/Where nothing is grey..." Alphaville_Victory of Love video: Victory of Love _ Alphaville

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