• Dan Izvernariu

Oriental poems : "Lips and Eyes"

Incognito portrait : Doris Izvernariu, Madrid 2017 Jul. Photo&Photoshop by : Me

"In Celia's face a question did arise,

Which were more beautiful, her lips or eyes ?

“ We,” said the eyes, “send forth those pointed darts

Which pierce the hardest adamantine hearts. ”

“ From us,” repli'd the lips, “proceed those blisses

Which lovers reap by kind words and sweet kisses.

” Then wept the eyes, and from their springs did pour

Of liquid oriental pearl a shower ;

Whereat the lips, moved with delight and pleasure,

Through a sweet smile unlock'd their pearly treasure

And bad Love judge, whether did add more grace

Weeping or smiling pearls to Celia's face.! by Thomas Carew

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