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My wife Doris, we are impressed by Dali and Gala. Since 2006 in Lisboa, together we started a study of the famous couple and his magic.

In some of my creative work in Photoshop, I tried to imitate some ideas launched by Dali between esoteric symbol and Freud.

Art photography by: Dan Izvernariu 2000x2000px Wellington NZL 2013

And remember! "The Spanish painter Salvador Dali remains one of the most controversial and paradoxical artists of the twentieth century.

Dali was a great artist who was a great self-publicist and showman. The combination was an irresistible formula for success.

Born in 1904, most of the works he did revolved around painting, sculpture work, and he worked as a graphic artist and designer as well.

During the course of his career, he experienced many different art forms, and experimented with a few styles, allowing him to further his points of expression, and the design pieces which he created during the illustrious and extensive career that he had.

Dali is known to be a famous Surrealist and depicting this theme through his paintings and other art works. Most of his works show a sort of dream sequence which he often draws hallucinatory characters. His major contribution to the Surrealist movement is called the "Paranoiac-Critical Method" which is a form of mental exercise of accessing the subconscious parts of the mind to have an artistic inspiration.

He used this method to realize the dreams and imagination ha have in his mind, changing the real world the way he wanted and not necessarily what it was. During his career, he focused on cubism, futurism, as well as metaphysical painting work, until in 1929, he joined the group of surrealists, and this art movement which he felt a connection to. His fame and notoriety, and talent in the art world, quickly made him a leading force in the Surrealist movement, and he became one of the representatives of the art movement during the 1930s."

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