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WEDDING: Art Creative post production

Get inspired for your own wedding portraits with these gorgeous and creative Photoshop brides and grooms on their special days. Dan Izvernariu Workshop Spain , Madrid - Post Production and Art Photos Let me be your Art director in your Wedding Event. Why don´t you visit España to have a great photo session before your wedding day with Post Production like in fantasy movies scene? Is unique! Or, send us your original pics and let us decide for you the best imagine banner announcement for your event blog. Art Creative Photoshop and Illustration are no limits!

Do more quality in your WEDDING pics sending us your original album for corrections and Creative Post Product without destroy details or skin texture

Whatever your location in the world do you can contact-us by the email text in About page of this website; also we speak: Portuguese and Spanish . Originals pics what do you need will be in this conditions: (ONLY) 1. Very good quality exposure, only originals 2. Minimal format accept for works minimal: 2500 x 3900 3. No pics with Photoshop works before.

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